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Digital Marketing

understanding digital marketing

The Internet is the modern marketplace and digital marketing is a tool that helps businesses connect with customers online via social networking, blogs and websites.

What is it

Digital marketing is the umbrella terms for online marketing, ecommerce, mobile marketing, internet marketing and various forms of social media. Digital Marketing helps you to promote your business digitally

What it does

Digital Marketing can be used for many different things, some of the most common uses are for branding, customer acquisition, sales and lead generation.

It is used to promote products and services online, typically on social media platforms, by using various forms of digital media to create brand awareness, engage a customer audience or drive direct sales.

How it improves businesses

The potential benefits of digital marketing for businesses are countless, from increased reach, better customer insights and advance warning of trends, to saving costs by leveraging the online channel to target customers directly.

How effective is digital marketing content

Your marketing strategy can’t survive without Digital as it’s a significant part of your customers’ journey with you – and something that your competitors are already doing.

Content creation is a big part involved in digital marketing. By focusing on quality over quantity, business owners and bloggers can create relevant, interesting and valuable pieces which can serve to educate and promote their brand, products and services.


Why your brand or business should use marketing automation technology

Marketing automation is a core component of a marketing strategy. It is the technology that can help you keep track of what works and makes it easier to target leads and customers within your content marketing strategy.

The ThinkMarketing and Technology blog discusses the many benefits of marketing automation technology, and offers first-hand insights on how it works.

Marketing Technology

Putting Marketing Technology to Work

Marketing technology is the applied science of bringing business and marketing tools to connect with customers and leads.

What is it

Marketing technology is a simple and broad term that refers to technology (software) used in marketing activities. Marketing techniques may involve direct marketing, focused on promoting, selling or distributing a product or service directly to customers.

Marketing technology is a way to automate, optimize and integrate marketing processes, incorporating information from multiple forms of online data.

How to use it

When marketing involves inbound, social media, public relations, or analytics, software and bots play a key role.

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