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The goal of email marketing is to effectively build brand awareness, increase sales, conversions, and foster customer loyalty. Take advantage of personalized, ongoing communication with customers and prospects by applying email marketing strategies. 

The Most Powerful Email Marketing Tips, Backed by Research


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Increase your marketing reach and impact with software tools designed to help small businesses maximize their marketing efforts.

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Predictive Analysis uses the power of data analytics to anticipate future outcomes which helps businesses make informed decisions.

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Stay ahead of the competition and learn how to implement the most effective email marketing trends including personalization, mobile optimization, automation, and more.


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Email Marketing Trends

Are You Applying These Email Marketing Techniques?

How To Create Shareable Email Content With Interactive Features

As the world moves more and more to digital interactions, email marketing has become increasingly important. The best way to grab your audience’s attention is through interactivity.

Adding interactivity to your emails by including functional elements allows users to click, swipe, watch, listen, and engage with your content, providing your audience with a dynamic experience.

Interactivity is a broad term that includes functional elements that allow users to click, swipe, watch, listen, and engage with content. It encompasses interactive quizzes, automatic countdowns, and moving illustrations for a dynamic experience.

Email Personalization Is The Holy Grail Of Marketing

Email has been a critical part of digital marketing for decades, but with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), email has become even more useful.

Personalized emails are specific to the industry and interest and provide accurate deliverability to the right audience, depending on the message. This means that marketers can send relevant messages at scale without having to worry about whether or not they will be read by someone who doesn’t care about it.

The problem with mass emailing is that it’s impersonal, which can be off-putting to subscribers. And if they don’t feel like they know you, they’re less likely to open your emails or take action on them. Email personalization is key to increasing engagement and conversions in your email campaigns.

BMI Is Your Brand Identity In Email Form

You want to stand out in your recipients’ inbox if you’re a brand. BIMI is the way to do it.

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is a way for brands to show their logos in a subscriber’s mailbox. Without BIMI, all that is shown are the initials of the sender’s email address in a colored circle—no logo and no other identifying information about who sent the email or why they sent it.

BIMI is vital for these two reasons: First, it helps avoid fraudulent activity from phishing or hackers using your logo to send emails; second, it allows recipients to see your logo when they open an email from someone they know—and this makes them trust those emails more than they would if they didn’t see a recognizable logo.

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