Will building a Brand Community benefit your business? here’s 3 Ways Why It Can and Will

A key element of social media marketing is to leverage the influencers within your brand community to help spread the word.

When customers share their emotions, experiences and tips to a community, they create a sense of belonging. Developing an interactive way for customers to communicate about your brand and connect with one another is essential in the virtual world we live in. Brand communities serve as a foundation for customers to share advice and recommendations with other customers who love the brand as well.

Your brand community is your most valuable asset. It’s a collection of people with an emotional connection to your business who will tell their friends and family about the company, purchase content, products, or services from you and take action because they truly care. This community will drive brand loyalty and recognition, which in turn, ultimately enables your business to attract more customers, generate more revenue, and grow organically. You can build your brand community by focusing on customer service, authentic messaging and emphasizing what you stand for.

Take a look at the social networking site, Orkut.

Four months after its debut, Orkut had over 50,000 established communities and within one year that number rose to 1.5 million. Brand community users enjoyed Orkuts increasingly useful features as well as its focus on connecting with others through common interests.

Here’s 3 reasons why your brand will benefit immensely from discovering its community.

  1. Refines Brand and Customer Engagement
    Your community represents your brand. Getting active on social media channels and encouraging customer engagement is key to building a strong reputation and reaching your business goals.
  2. Reduces Marketing and Advertising Costs
    When you have a well-established brand community, you’ll see a major drop in customer support requests and less need for marketing as over time, it adds up.
  3. Encourages New Product Development
    Your brand community can be a vehicle to share news, reviews, announce new products and services, or simply provide much-needed customer support from people who understand the brand best.

Creating a robust brand community takes more than just publishing content. To get the most out of your brand community, you need to know what your goals are and create a strategy that links those goals to specific objectives.

Your customers’ expectations are always changing, and so are the ways they want to engage with the brands they love. Building a community of loyal customers is no easy feat so before you start, consider your goals and strategy, then get ready to start the conversation. Build and engage with a loyal community today so you can spend less time answering questions and more time focusing on what matters most: creating content that matters.

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