5 Ways Mobile Marketing Can improve Your Brand Strategy

Imagine a world without your smartphone.

Would you feel confident marketing a new brand if you were limited to “desktop” as an only source to identifying your target audience? Probably not.

An effective way of reaching smartphone or tablet users through social media and other digital channels is by diversifying your marketing campaign with strategies that leverage mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is how your target audience will stay connected throughout the day, no matter where they are in the world.

Your brand strategy and social media marketing plan should implement mobile marketing tactics to broaden the horizon and meet customers right where they are. Social media is a reliable asset within your brand strategy because of the number of users that are active on various channels. As of January 2022, the number of social media users grew from 4.2 billion in the previous year to 4.62 billion. The effectiveness of social media to grow a brand is strong, it serves as a machine while techniques such as mobile marketing, ensure it functions.

Let’s take a look at the Chinese mobile app, WeChat

Take advantage of these 5 mobile marketing techniques for your brand strategy.

1. Location-Based Marketing

Social media users are planted all over the world. For brands to accommodate their target audience when they are on the move, location-based marketing is a major addition to any brand strategy.

Mobile marketing works as a tactic that recognizes the reliance and usage of social media on its users and provides location-specific content with the assistance of geotargeting. The location-specific strategy delivers relevant content and keeps the brand accessible depending on the time zone.

2. Mobile-Friendly Content

Another mobile-marketing technique to include in your brand strategy is providing mobile-friendly content to users. Optimizing your brands content so that it delivers the same experience on mobile as it does on the desktop version, is one way to build a successful user experience.

Mobile marketing is a key element in your brand strategy especially if one goal is to eventually have brand advocates.

3. SMS Marketing

Similar to mobile-friendly webpages and content, SMS marketing is an important way to reach your audience outside of social media. One SMS marketing technique is tracking the customer journey by texting customers to deliver an interactive user experience between business and consumer.

Consumers are online via their smartphones for most of their day, if your brand provides mobile friendliness and is configured correctly, it will count in the race of winning them over.

4. Push Notifications

One technique is to offer push notifications. Push notifications are not only reliable for the person that is being notified, but have an impact on how they interact with content on other platforms reflective of your brand.

Mobile marketing enhances brand awareness and exposes your brand to new and existing audiences.

5. Mobile Application and Advertisement

Promotional mobile marketing techniques which are popular on social media and mobile apps and games are beneficial for growth. Mobile applications have a wide range of consumers, so to advertise your brand on one (or many) is crucial to note.

Mobile marketing can improve your brand strategy during any phase of brand development or business growth, it is why many companies should implement these techniques in 2023.

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