Social Media Marketing Tips 001

Capturing Loyal Customers Through Social Media

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Gone are the days when you are spending your Saturday morning roaming the eyeglasses showroom for your favorite pair of frames. Warby Parker solidifies its customer loyalty and minimizes the time spent at local retailers by prioritizing communication with customers, offering a wide selection of glasses, and providing a remote transactional experience that keeps customers engaged.

Here are a few ways social media marketing and customer engagement improve how online retailers like Warby Parker, are killing it in the virtual world we live in today.

User-generated content

  • Creating social media campaigns that help with customer engagement such as promotional contests that feature photos of the product, customer, and further brand presence.

Referral-marketing campaigns

  • Customers trust other customers, so incorporating a social media marketing campaign that focuses on referrals eliminates the skepticism prospects may have when considering purchasing a product from a new brand.

Partnership opportunities

  • There is no better way of reaching new audiences on social media than to incorporate partnerships with other brands, influencers, and groups! Considering what social media channel your customers are actively engaging on while developing a new approach for your partner’s audience that compliment both parties builds interest, and advocacy, and furthers overall brand exposure.

Capturing customers that are loyal, willing to advocate, and voluntarily available for brand ambassador opportunities for your company is crucial. Fortunately, social media marketing strategies, development, and execution make it easy. Grab some coffee and start your next social media marketing campaign today, it benefits the company and the customers it serves!

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